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The five original drawings by Dirk Vander Eecken are currently on display in the hall of S.M.A.K. and are signed on the back of the work. The artist also has works in the S.M.A.K. collection.

Dirk Vander Eecken

  • 04 01 2021
    dislocation I
  • 04 02 2021
    dislocation II
  • 04 03 2021
    dislocation III
  • 04 05 2021
    dislocation IV
  • 04 05 2021
    dislocation V

5 original drawings - frottage (number 1 stays in the collection of the Friends)

84,10 x 59,40 cm, graphite on canson paper 100 gr

Each work is professionally framed in ramin wood and artglass. (99% anti-UV).

Dirk Vander Eecken (°1954, Mortsel) lives and works in Antwerp and was originally trained as a graphic artist.

Fragment of the letter of S.M.A.K. director Philippe Van Cauteren to the artist:

.... What strikes me about your work every time is that it seems that the artist is absent. The paintings seem to be samples, cryptic samples of unidentifiable complex image fabrics. There is almost no pictorial touch or action, only a suspicion of an articulated choice of an almost mechanical process. The works are the result of a complex process, a progression in time where coincidence and irregularities are registered as a cognitive factor. It seems almost impossible to decide when a work is finished. There is no moment or a final touch in which the painting as a whole comes together. Each work is, as it were, finished even before it is started. And yet it is not a mathematical formula that is applied. As an artist, you dictate the aberrations in the image with a special attitude towards form and image genesis. As an artist, you try to make work that is not only rooted in art history, but in a context where images are produced faster than they can be viewed. In a cultural environment where, for the majority, pictorial pleasure coincides with the dictates of figuration, your work is an accurate response to the diagnosis described above. Your work represents a non-knowing and non-meaning within the conventional agenda of looking, and opens up perception in a way that forces the viewer to dismantle any pictorial prejudice. - Philippe Van Cauteren, Ghent, February 2014

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