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In autumn 2016, together with guest lecturers, the pupils of the CLW began work on painting a (self-) portrait on canvas.

How do you see yourself?

Where do you come from?

Who are your idols?

What do you want to make of your life?

These were the questions that S.M.A.K. put to more than 250 pupils from the CLW, a school for part-time vocational education, to make them think about their identity, and their position in school and in the world.

Against a background of the exhibition These Strangers… Painting and People, they all painted a (self-) portrait on canvas. The public was invited to see the results between 19.12.2016 and 8.1.2017. Below you can watch the documentary about how the youngsters experienced this process. Find out how they see themselves and others. Discover their talent (in Dutch):

Why did S.M.A.K. and ENGIE start this project?

On the basis of a policy of social engagement and by collaborating with various partners, S.M.A.K. is developing an extensive fringe programme of special projects, workshops and guided tours.

With the backing of its partner ENGIE – which shares the same vision – we can develop a customised programme and bring hard-to-reach groups into contact with artists’ worlds and work. The outcomes are not predefined. Anything is possible. In dialogue with the participants, we work towards a creation that connects with their world. By challenging them to create something themselves, we give them a different view of art.

This is the fourth project in association with the CLW and ENGIE. In previous workshops the pupils created an audio-tour in rap songs in collaboration with REC for the exhibitions by Larry Sultan and Joris Ghekiere, and a stop-motion film with Boris Zeebroek and Froze for the Drawing | The Bottom Line exhibition. In summer 2014 they were engaged in a project by David Bade in the museum and at Ghent’s Market Hall.

A workshop for pupils of the Centrum Leren en Werken (CLW), Ghent. In association with ENGIE

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