Open call for artists: 25 years of NICC


Artists' organisation NICC is celebrating its 25th anniversary in December in Room 1, for which they are launching an Open Call for artists. What do you want to pass on to future governments? What do you wish for our society? What role does art play in your vision of the future? Send your proposal to NICC by 27 August to be part of their publication and then possibly be shown in Room 1.

For a quarter of a century, the artist-run organisation NICC has been standing up for individual artists. They initiated organisations such as Kunstenpunt and Morpho, distributed numerous model documents needed by professional artists in their practice and insisted on the importance of subsidising the visual arts - all with the aim of improving the socio-economic situation of the visual artist.

Over the past year, NICC has collected artists' opinions and concerns to create a guideline that will be passed on to politicians and policymakers in the form of a document called a 'memorandum'. On the occasion of NICC x 25, the written memorandum will be expanded to include a manifesto by visual artists. To this end, NICC is inviting artists to submit their proposals, which will be displayed in the form of a publication.

This publication will be published by Stockmans Art Books. Moreover, some concepts from this publication will be performed in Room 1 at S.M.A.K.

All professional visual artists (18+), including art students, working and living in Belgium are welcome to participate in this open call.

12.Jul.23 Category: Zaal 1
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