In memory of Anton Herbert

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Together with Annick Herbert, Anton Herbert was a world-class collector. Their collection, and more specifically one work by Daniel Buren, has a deep connection with the S.M.A.K. Because of the piece of Buren, a special relationship between publicly owned and privately owned art emerged.

In 1986 Jan Hoet - then director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent, now S.M.A.K. - organised the extra muros exhibition 'Chambres d'Amis'. This exhibition presented contemporary art in private homes at various locations in Ghent. Daniel Buren was one of the 51 international artists who created a work in situ, integrated into the everyday living space of residents who were prepared to open their homes to an artist and then to the public. Buren's work, 'Le Décor et son Double', was conceived as a work in two parts.

The artist applied his typical band motif in the guest room of Annick and Anton Herbert's house. Buren then also installed an identical room in the S.M.A.K., saying the following: "Although the Herbert Foundation and S.M.A.K. each possess a unique and specific work, the two parts can only be truly understood when they are connected - in the imagination." 'Le Décor et son Double' was born.

In 2011, this work was added to the museum's collection and visitors could discover both the work installed in S.M.A.K. and the work in the Herberts' guest room. During 'Highlights for a Future' in 2019, visitors were able to discover 'Le Décor et son Double' both in the MSK and on the Coupure for the part owned by the Herbert Foundation.

Anton Herbert collected art out of dedication to care for it, to research it and to present it in the spirit of the artist. May he rest in peace.

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