New series tutorials by Adam Leech

Intro leech

Via a new video series, Adam Leech is devising a manual that all S.M.A.K. visitors can arm themselves with for a funnier, richer and more unconventional museum experience.

Adam Leech brings his experimental approach into the museum’s coded environment via his residency. He sets up an investigation into the viewer’s experience of the museum, which gives him access to its physical and theoretical spaces, its private and public activities, its visitors and staff. On a regular basis, he will test his findings against the (un)calibrated ways in which art and experience are defined from the museum’s perspective.

A new series of tutorials

Via a new video series, Adam Leech takes a surprising look at what makes up a museum visit. The artist appropriates the aesthetics and vulgarising tone of YouTube tutorials and completely breaks open the popular medium by also sharing his doubts, emotions and existential questions about his practice. This pseudo-educational trip connects camp with open source and ensures that a museum visit will never be the same again! This is a co-production with S.M.A.K.

An initial introduction to Adam Leech, the S.M.A.K. Artist in Residence 2020-2021:


Adam Leech emphasizes the importance of different forms of consciousness and how during a museum visit you are definitely not in a lifeless, comatose or dreamless state.

Adam Leech introduces the 'Hard Problem of Consciousness'. Find out how he will incorporate this concept of the Australian philosopher David Chalmers into a new painting.

Adam Leech is a painter and video artist. The artist lives and works in Brussels.

More information on his website - instagram.

5.Apr.21 Category: Artist in residence
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