In the classroom

The thread running through S.M.A.K.’s educational approach is L.A.N.G.U.A.G.E. in its broadest sense: an image, a colour, a material, a gesture, a sound,… We want to make pupils and students talk, enable them to give their own meaning to what they see. The guide points things out, gently sets one off on the right path and above all, listens to them. S.M.A.K. deliberately puts aside passive experiences and chooses interaction. The artist’s artistic message is the recurrent focus.  

Journey of discovery

for infants and primary school pupils – 2.5 to 12 years old

Children enter the museum with an open mind and without prejudice. In our exhibition rooms they discover sometimes strange and often surprising images that conceal enthralling stories. On an interactive guided tour, your pupils will explore the fascinating visual language of contemporary art. With the guide, they will look for meaning in various ways.

Age group: children from 2.5 to 12 years old
Options: 1. general introduction - 2. one or more specific exhibitions
Duration: max. 1.5 hours
Price per guide: 65 euro
Max. 20 children per guide


for secondary school children – 10 to 18 years old

You go round the museum with a guide and get to know works of contemporary art in several exhibitions. Artworks that often have a penetrating message are viewed and analysed on the basis of their context. The key elements here are interaction, open communication and formulating your own opinion.

Age group: adolescents from 10 to 18 years old
Options: 1. general introduction - 2. one or more specific exhibitions
Duration: 1.5 hours
Price per guide: 65 euro
Max. 20 youngsters per guide

The Bridge

as from the last two years of primary education

Jan Fabre in the S.M.A.K. or Hieronymus Bosch in the MSKGhent? Go for both and bridge the gap. Together with the guide you can look for differences, similarities and captivating stories that link together artworks and artists past and present. Cross the street and visit both the S.M.A.K. and the MSKGhent: two buildings, two histories, two collections. Is contemporary art really so difficult or is it late mediaeval symbolism that turns out to be really the more abstract?

Age group: children of 10 to 12 years + adolescents of 12 to 18 years
Duration: 2 hours (MSKGhent / S.M.A.K.)
Price per guide: 75 euro
Max. 20 children per guide

Walk & Talk

higher education students

What is your definition of art? How conditioned are your view of the world and the way you see art? How deeply coloured is your cultural outlook? Could you do it too, or does the artist after all do something you could not? And what role do artists, art and museums play in today’s art? Lots of questions for an exciting conversation as you walk round the museum.

Age group: students of 18 and over
Options: 1. general introduction - 2. one or more specific exhibitions
Duration: 1.5 hours
Price per guide: 75 euro, admission to museum for 19 to 25-year-olds: 2 euro
Max. 20 participants per guide
Booking necessary

Practical details and booking

  • If you have special requests or expectations, we will be happy to work out a tailormade visit
  • Please book online or by phone
  • Plan your visit here
  • T: +32 (0)9 210 10 75
  • BOEKjeBEZOEK can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday, 9 to 6, but CANNOT be reached in the weekend or on holidays.

Getting here

The S.M.A.K. is easy to get to, both from the city centre and from the station.