Late Thursday July 2023

SMAK Haegue Yang c Martin Corlazzoli

On Thursday 6 July 2023, S.M.A.K. and the other Ghent museums will keep their doors open until 10pm. Come along for an evening visit to the ongoing exhibitions, live music and a drink or ice cream at Crèmerie GUILLAUME.

18:50 OPEN-BAR: Visit S.M.A.K. with Ghent residents and new Ghent residents

20230331 SMAK Opening Grace Ndiritu c Martin Corlazzoli COR09035

Would you like to discover art together with locals and new locals? Native speakers and people who want to practise Dutch are very welcome.

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19:00 Guided tour Grace Ndiritu 'Healing The Museum' & Haegue Yang 'Several Reenactments'

20230331 SMAK Opening Grace Ndiritu c Martin Corlazzoli COR09125

Our guide will take you on a spiritual journey through the Healing The Museum exhibition featuring the work of Grace Ndiritu. You will also discover the work of Haegue Yang in Several Reenactments.

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20:00 Laura Nsengiyumva on blackness in Healing The Museum by Grace Ndiritu

Shoot Dakar 3 credits carmen

Artist-researcher Laura Nsengiyumva shares her thoughts on Grace Ndiritu's work in relation to themes of blackness and the female body within the art scene and politics in Belgium and worldwide.

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21:00 Live music by Citadelic Jazz

Schermafbeelding 2023 06 21 om 11 00 50

T.ON is the Cologne trio Matthias Muche (trombone), Etienne Nillesen (snare drum) and Constantin Herzog (double bass). With their instruments, the trio taps into a broad spectrum of sounds, from intimate simplicity to grand soundscapes, in which conventions are constantly negotiated and an unmistakable single sound emerges.

As protagonists of the Cologne scene, they are among the most active international players in their region. They focus on a simple abstract language that nevertheless has a narrative character. Their music is visionary, controversial and adventurous and sits at the intersection of new music, jazz and improvisation.

The trio releases music on the young Cologne label IMPAKT Records. The label is currently causing a stir in the scene. T.ON plays adventurously and its programmes always focus on new musical focal points. They have already collaborated with the likes of Nate Wooley, Anne La Berge, Madison Greenstone, Sam Pluta and Sarah Davachi.

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Haegue Yang 'Several Reenactments'

20230421 SMAK Haegue Yang Pieter Engels c Martin Corlazzoli COR03828

S.M.A.K. is proud to be the first museum in Belgium to present a solo exhibition by internationally renowned artist Haegue Yang. During Late Thursday, discover how this South Korean artist transforms S.M.A.K.'s largest gallery into a total atmosphere.

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Pieter Engels 'Fabulous Oldest Hits'

Pieter Engels image Dirk Pauwels 11

S.M.A.K. presents a condensed overview of the oeuvre of Dutch artist Pieter Engels (1938-2019). In line with the anti-authoritarian spirit of the 1960s, he made conceptual work in which he ironically punctured the seriousness of the art world.

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Motel Corona

Liliane Vertessen Motel Cor

In Motel Corona, S.M.A.K. is showing new works of art that came into the museum's collection via an unusual route. To compensate for the distress suffered during the 2020 lockdown, the Flemish Community exceptionally made an amount of 3.75 million euros available for the purchase of works by visual artists. 42 of the artworks purchased came on loan from S.M.A.K.

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Practical information
  • Thursday 6.Jul.2023, 18:00-22:00.
  • 18:50: Open-Bar
  • 19:00: guided tour.
  • 20:00: lecture Laura Nsengiyumva.
  • 21:00: Citadelic Jazz concert.
  • Jan Hoetplein 1, 9000 Ghent.
  • Book your ticket online or at the desk.
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