Fashion show by fashion label Amili Haha

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On the occasion of art workshop De Zandberg's stay in Room 1, fashion label Amili Haha will bring a fashion show at S.M.A.K. on Sunday, October 29.

Amili Haha is a fashion label. Those unfamiliar with it might think it refers to the name of one designer. However, Annemie, Mieke, Lindsy, Hannes and Hadewijch initiated the label's name via the initial letters of their names. An idiosyncratic fashion label that has since taken on a host of other designers.

An important asset of the label is that it is embedded in an Art Workshop. A bevy of artists provide screen prints and drawings for fabric designs, thus influencing the fashion label's track record.

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The label is the brainchild of designer Annemie Depaepe, who saw it grow out of a workshop focused on repairing and making clothes. In 2004, the studio became part of an artistic workshop, Het Molenhuis, the forerunner of Kunstwerkplaats De Zandberg. The focus soon shifted to the artistic. Since 2017, Amili Haha has been producing complete collections. The label stands for artistic handmade pieces in limited edition, sustainable, unique and fair fashion. The basic fabrics are scraps bought from more interesting designers. Unsold pieces from previous collections are reworked and reappear in a new form in the next collection.

Amili Haha's design process does not start from a central idea or theme, but from the designers' personal fascinations. They find inspiration mainly in works of art. They have their own take on physicality, make mood boards and drawings and assume that everything already exists. At the design tables, the designers communicate with textiles and drawings. They pick up each other's ideas and weave them into one piece and one collection. All this happens very organically.

Previous collections were presented in 2017 (Texture museum Kortrijk) and 2019 (Be-Part Waregem) and in 2022 (Museum Dr.Guislain).

Practical information
  • Sunday 29.Oct.2023.
  • Fashion show starts at 15:00.
  • Entry is free.

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