World Refugee Day | Belgian Red Cross-Flanders shows captivating refugee film

Je naime

In the film "Je N'aime Plus La Mer" filmmaker Idriss Gabel focuses on several children who fled to Belgium and tells their story from their perspective and in their words.

On 20 June 2019, the film "Je N'aime Plus La Mer" by Idriss Gabel was screened in the lobby of S.M.A.K. on the occasion of World Refugee Day.

They come from Afghanistan, Iraq or Eritrea. Together with their parents, they have fled war and persecution. They were forced to flee and, despite their young age, had to endure many hardships before reaching Europe.

But how do you make a fresh start once you arrive in Belgium? How do you find your place in an environment so different from the village or town you came from? What is your life like in the Belgian countryside, in a Red Cross reception centre where the long wait for your refugee status to be recognised continues?

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