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Looking for a gift? Take a look in our S.M.A.K. Bookshop.

Nog op zoek naar een interessant cadeau? Schenk dan een catalogus uit onze S.M.A.K. Bookshop. Je kan de boeken ook coronaproof laten opsturen naar wie je wenst!

  1. Highlights for a Future
  2. Drawing in lockdown / Gentle Figures / Prison Drawings - by S.M.A.K. Moves.
  3. Le Musée et son Double
  4. Le Décor et son Double
  5. Letters to artists by Philippe Van Cauteren
  6. IDIOT by Kris Martin.
  7. Flower Smuggles by Meggy Rustamova.
  8. Déformation Professionelle by Nairy Baghramian
  9. To be determinded. According to the situation by Dirk Zoete.
  10. Reflexologies by Nina Canell

You can also have the books sent corona proof to whomever you wish. Contact Leen, who will be happy to arrange everything for you:

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