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Together with print studio Topo Copy and De Rode Antraciet, S.M.A.K. is organising a programme of workshops in Ghent prison in which artists and inmates create publications together that are distributed inside and outside the prison. ZINE ZINE #4 is a magazine made for and by residents of the Nieuwe Wandeling.

Two ongoing projects at S.M.A.K. formed the starting point for this edition: Grace Ndiritu's exhibition Healing The Museum and Oei, the notebook that Guy Rombouts penned full of the word "oei" from front to back in 1976.

The shamanic subjects, the theme of community in Ndiritu's expo and the ritual of repetition in Rombouts' case got a group talking and drawing. This was done in a setting with soft light, sitting mats and quiet music. ZINE ZINE #4 brings together a selection of drawings we made in four two-hour sessions.

Thanks to: Ann, Baris, Bert, Jens, John, Jill, Jonas, Katelijn, Michael, Neceti, Sacha, Selim, Valentin and Zeno. Special thanks to Bert Huyghe for his letter to the group.

"I just started telling
Just like I just started drawing then."

ZINE ZINE is a collaboration between S.M.A.K., Topo Copy, De Rode Antraciet and prison Ghent; The project is part of the programme S.M.A.K. Beweegt.

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