Restoration of Abramović's 'Inner Sky n°10'

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Marina Abramović's crystal sculpture 'Inner Sky n°10 ' had to be restored before it could be shown on display. The work weighs 200 kilograms and was tested before installation.

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A lot happens behind the scenes at S.M.A.K., including the restoration of collection works. For instance, we worked with IPARC to restore Inner Sky n°10 by Marina Abramović. This artwork consists of an amethyst geode, a rock millions of years old with purple-coloured crystals on the inside. These are created by gas bubbles trapped in cooling lava.

The amethyst Abramović used for her artwork was unfortunately broken into two pieces. At IPARC's studio, it was cleaned and glued. The conservators filled the broken seam with mastic and retouched with acquarelle. On the inside was a large hole where the crystals disappeared. This was filled with new pieces of amethyst.

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To ensure the safe installation of Inner Sky n°10, a "dry run" was first carried out. This involves the team practising the installation and considering difficulties. This is necessary as the 200-kilogram amethyst geode is placed on high poles in the auditorium.

With this artwork, Abramović wants to encourage spectators to reach a different state of consciousness. She expects you to sit under the geode with your eyes closed. The sculpture serves as a kind of mental architecture where the beneficial effect of the amethyst crystals ensures that you can reach a heightened state of consciousness.

Thank you to our restoration team, to IPARC and to Linda Temmink for restoring this artwork so that it could be safely displayed at Healing The Museum.

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