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Art connects people, and gets them talking. Not everyone understands art and culture, yet art can be meaningful for everyone. S.M.A.K. is bringing a hard-to-reach audience into contact with art and artists. Together with various partners we are developing a series of suitable projects. Here you will find a list of workshops, guided tours and studio sessions that were specially created for a diverse public.

The world is a dynamic environment in which society is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. S.M.A.K. wants to do more than just show contemporary art: it actively strives to explore what it is and what it can be. S.M.A.K. wants to create a dynamic and inclusive museum experience, wherein art is a powerful tool for connection and understanding.

Wide-ranging outreach work is part of S.M.A.K.’s DNA thanks to its mission: to make contemporary art accessible. As a museum within a community, S.M.A.K. takes action to give everyone, from every walk of life, the chance to discover contemporary art in all its forms. In recent years, a targeted programme called S.M.A.K. Moves has succeeded in bringing people, who might not otherwise visit a museum, into contact with art. Organised in collaboration with a broad range of partner organisations, this inclusive and educational programme is tailored towards young people, children from underprivileged families, people with dementia, refugees, prisoners, people with a mental disability or psychological vulnerability, the blind and visually impaired. It revolves around intersectionality at the social level. We would struggle to address the contemporary challenges on our own. Our collaborations with a wide variety of community support associations laid the foundations for S.M.A.K. Moves.

S.M.A.K.’s forward plan is to develop S.M.A.K. Moves into a platform for connection and learning, with art as a universal language. Young people will be an important priority. Education, inclusion, diversity, vulnerable and disadvantaged families, and young people’s mental health are key focal points. Knowledge sharing is key to maximising the project outcomes. Everything starts with identifying and recognising the specific needs of different audience groups. Thereafter, and together with associate organisations, we explore the needs and aspirations of partners and audiences, and what the museum can contribute to these aims. We believe that long-term collaborations are the basis for moving towards sustainable outreach and increasing its impact.

Together with partners, we develop adapted projects for:

Partners: Licht en Liefde, Het Secundair Kunstinstituut, Academie voor Beeldende Kunst, De Rode Antraciet, Gevangenis Gent, LUCA, Refu Interim, The Courage To Grow Old, WaF!, Centrum Leren Werken Gent, Fedasil, Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen, Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen, Topo Copy, Reno Ponton Gent, mentormentor, Dr. Guislain Ziekenhuis and de Olijfboom.

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